Rabbit’s Habits & What They Mean

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Rabbits use several different ways to communicate. Grunting and boxing are two forms of behavior used among rabbits to express their dislike at another’s actions. Grunting is a rabbit’s way of expressing displeasure with whatever you are doing. If it goes unheeded, it can be the prelude to boxing or biting. Boxing is when a rabbit shifts its weight to its hind legs and uses it front paws to dig at you. This is a defensive measure meaning that you are to back off.


Scent glands are located under a rabbit’s chin. Rubbing with the underside of the chin is your rabbit’s way of marking his/her territory – “this belongs to me” -or- “I’ve been here.”
Circling – By circling you, your bunny is possibly indicating his urge to mate. The circling is actually a kind of wooing action. If you notice your rabbit rapidly circling your legs, it could mean that he wants something you have in your hands. If your bunny’s nose detects that you have something yummy in your clutches, he just might zip around your legs as a means of getting you to notice him so that you give him some of it.


Rabbits are actually “crepuscular”, meaning they are most active in the twilight hours of both sunrise and sunset. So it’s likely they will be most happy to see you at these times.

Playing Dead

This is actually the sign of a contented rabbit. It can look convincingly dead lying on its back with its legs stretched out.
Screaming – The rabbit is terrified and frightened for its life, or is having horrible pains. This sound is unbearable, and the rabbit should be thoroughly checked for injuries or illness.


Territorial tendencies: Intact rabbits (especially males) will frequently mark their territory as a normal instinct. Behavioral issues: Just like humans, rabbits respond to change. If a rabbit does not agree with a certain change in its environment such as a new person, new pet, hutch location change, or feeding schedule, it may start to exhibit unwanted changes in urination behavior. If you allow your rabbit to run free in the house, you must provide an adequate number of litter boxes.


Rabbits thump their hind feet to signal danger. Some rabbits will thump one foot on the ground, some will thump both hind feet at the same time. Rabbits aren’t very vocal so thumping is their way of communicating. Usually this means they have heard something odd and it could be potentially harmful

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