Berry, Carrot n Coconut Trees(6pc)


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These scrummy, vegetable-based trees are decorated with carrot, coconut and vitamin C-rich elderberries. They are also packed with herbs; plus, beneficial linseed. Crisp, crunchy and loved by all Small Animals. Made with 100% natural ingredients. Minimum pack weight 80g.  Composition: pea flakes, vegetable oil, carrot (6.8%), parsley (5.5%), elderberries (4.65%), canary grass seed, nettle (3.8%), coconut (3.3%), buckwheat, graminaceous seeds, linseed (2.3%), fennel seed, hemp seed, peppermint (1%), dandelion (0.9%), black cumin seed, vegetable starch. As with all treats offer in moderation to chinchillas and degus.