Nature First Corny Pom Pom


Specially designed to prevent boredom and provide essential mental stimulation for small pets the Nature First Corny PomPom instantly adds interest to your pet’s enclosure, making it an ideal boredom breaker for the health and happiness of your pet.

Crafted from 100% natural corn leaf for an enticing and stimulating accessory for any pet home this  Corny PomPom is a highly entertaining chew and toss toy for your small animal, complete with cage hanger for easy connection to your small pet’s home. Made with natural materials it helps to promote healthy teeth and gums wearing down the ever growing teeth of small pets through gnawing.  Easy to hang it’s great for adding interest to your small pet’s home enriching their lives and helping to promote their health, happiness and wellbeing.

  • A 100% natural cage accessory for all small pets
  • Made with 100% natural corn leaf
  • An ideal boredom breaker for any home, designed for chewing and tossing
  •  Instantly adding interest to the cage or hutch
  • Helps to promote healthy teeth and gums, wearing down ever growing teeth through chewing
  • Complete with a convenient wooden hanger for easy attachment to your pet’s home
  • Approximately 7cm diameter

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