Nature First Flower Bowl


This Flower Bowl from Happy Pet is the ideal combination of tasty forage and edible feeding bowl in one!

Made from palm leaf, chances are the bowl will be reuseable many times over before it is fully destroyed and incapable of holding anything yum!

The bowl contains a mix of healthy and natural forage produce, including dandelion, nettle, rose, raspberry leaf, marigold and cornflower to help in supporting immune function.

Plus it’s also rather tasty!

Great if you prefer a little of a lot different flavours, or if you wish to try out natural forage – or like the benefit of a bowl and forage in one!

Size:14cm in diameter and around 5cm high.

Weight of bowl and contents: 40g

  • nettle leaf
  • raspberry leaf
  • dandelion
  • calendular flowers (marigold)
  • hibiscus
  • cornflowers
  • rose flowers and blue mallow.

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