Nature First Wooden Hayrack


Happy Pet Wooden Hayrack

  • 100% Natural wood.
  • No pesticide has been used.
  • Great for keeping rodents teeth trim & healthy.
  • Hooks easily onto the bars of a cage.
  • Great for storing treats, vegetables, grass or hay.
  • Dimensions:?20.2 x 16.4 x 11.2cm

Happy Pet Wooden Hayrack

The Happy Pet wooden hayrack is the perfect addition to your pet’s cage or hutch. Your furry friend will love nibbling on the natural wood which is great for keeping teeth trim and healthy! It hooks easily onto the bars of a cage and is great for storing treats or hay.

Hay And Treat Holder For Small Animals

Suitable for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets & other small animals of the same size.

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