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Bunny Box, the rabbit subscription box, is back even bigger and better than ever!

Each month you will receive 6 or more treats for your furry friend, delivered direct to your door for free!

By purchasing a Bunny Box you commit to a continuous monthly subscription which will only end if you cancel. We no longer sell 1 off Bunny Boxes or 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

If you only want to buy a Bunny Box as a 1 off please purchase as normal and then once your box has arrived login to your account and cancel your subscription.

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Bunny Box is a monthly subscription box for rabbits and guinea pigs which is packed full of toys, treats and food which your furry friend will love!

Bunny Box is a subscription service so when you purchase today you are buying a continuous subscription, which will automatically renew each month on the date of original purchase.

Each month’s Bunny Box will have totally new and exciting items inside, all of which are delivered to your door without you having to re-order.

If you wish to cancel your monthly Bunny Box subscription for any reason then please click here to do this from your account.

Once we sell out of this month’s Bunny Boxes, new fresh stock will be available to buy again from 1st of the month.

      1. Subscribe to Bunny Box by using the button above
      2. Your first Bunny Box will be delivered within 1-5 working days
      3. If you are happy with your Bunny Box and you wish to continue with your subscription then there is nothing else for you to do. Your next Bunny Box will arrive around the same time each month via an automatic payment.
      4. Your subcription will allow you to receive a brand new Bunny Box each month without having to remember to order, giving your bunnies a new box of treats each and every month
      5. If you would like to cancel your subscription then you need to simply visit your account via this link My Account and click cancel.
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