12 Days of Christmas Gift & Forage Treats


The ultimate, luxury christmas gift box of treats. Our hay-coated tray displays 6 grain-free mini trees and 6 grain-based heart cookies, all sat on a soft bed of meadow hay. As well as letting you offer your pets one treat a day, the tray is also a great forage tray for refilling with hay and other treats! For all small animals. As with all treats offer the mini trees and cookies in moderation, especially to chinchillas and degus.


Mini Trees:

  • pea flakes, vegetable oil, dried carrot (6.8%), parsley, elderberry (4.6%), ca0ry grass seed, nettle, coconut (3.3%), buckwheat, grami0ceous seeds, linseed, fennel seed, hemp seed, peppermint, dandelion, black cumin seed, pea starch.

Hay-Coated Tray:

  • Cellulose board, meadow hay, vegetable starch


  • ground maize, ground whole wheat, dried carrot, linseed, yellow millet, peanut, red millet, vegetable seed oil, chopped sunflower seed, dried beetroot, pea starch.

For rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and degus.

Estimated UK delivery time 1-3 days