Top 5 Best Rabbit Toys To Keep Your Bunny Occupied

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As I’m sure you are well aware for bunnies to live a happy healthy life they need a variety of items to keep their mind active and occupied. To help this it’s important to invest in a range of different rabbit toys to keep your bunny occupied.

There are a variety of bunny toys out there from balls to fake carrots, to homemade toys all of which can help keep your bunny happy and occupied.

Now I don’t know about you but we have spent a small fortune… who are we kidding… a large fortune on rabbit toys because of the rate they get destroyed at, but who cares as long as our little bunnies are happy.

Bunny Box got together with Mr Buttons and had a search for some of the best / affordable rabbit toys we could find out there and here are our top 5 picks from Amazon.

happy pet willow tube rabbit toys boredom breaker

The Happy Pet Willow Tube, Large

One of these rabbit toys is perfect for the smaller rabbit. This fun, willow tube tunnel will encourage your pet to be more active through play and provide them with a welcome change to their surroundings. These bunny rabbit toys are made from 100% natural materials, which will help to create a more natural environment and is also safe for your bunny to chew and gnaw, keeping their teeth trim and clean. This will also encourage your small animal’s nesting instincts, and you may find your precious pet filling this with bedding to create a cosy little hideaway.

  • 100% Natural Willow
  • Great for playing and hiding
  • Keeps teeth trim

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rosewood naturals trio rabbit toys boredom breaker

Rosewood Naturals Trio Of Fun Balls

The “Trio of Fun Balls”, is part of the Naturals range of bunny rabbit toys from Rosewood. It contains three different types of chewable balls – one seagrass, one willow and one rattan for total chewing pleasure! Most rabbits just love the taste of natural seagrass, and with the added variety of willow and rattan, they will really be spoilt for choice!

  • made from 100% natural materials, no glue, plastic or metal
  • fun to chew and helps prevent boredom by stimulating pets
  • 100% Mixed
  • Wipe clean
  • Inner Material: Lining:
  • Trio of Fun Balls

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chill n chew rabbit matt rabbit toys

(Boredom Breaker) Chill ‘N’ Chew Mat

Your small furry animal will love the Naturals Chill & Chew Mat as one of their many rabbit toys! It provides your bunny with a cosy place to rest or sleep on that can also be chewed. So not only are these bunny rabbit toys but they also help keep your rabbits’ teeth trim. Like many bunny rabbit toys, this one is completely free from any glue, wire or staples, and made from 100% natural materials which are both practical and safe for your pet.

Manufactured from a mixture of water hyacinth, seagrass, and rattan, these brilliant bunny rabbit toys will also be able to get wet when used outdoors. It helps to reduce boredom and provides your bunny with an essential gnawing exercise.

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wacky wobbler rabbit toys boredom breaker

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Wacky Wobbler Small Animal Toy

The Rosewood Boredom Breaker Wacky Wobblers are stimulating bunny rabbit toys.

Made from coconut shell, corn leaf and twisted paper these bunny rabbit toys can be left to roll and wobble around your pets home. For extra fun place a few treats into the coconut shell and watch as your bunny rolls these rabbit toys around knocking out the treats.

Made with pet-safe dyes and glue.

  • approx 17cm high and 8cm diameter
  • A fun chew and toss toy for rabbits, hamsters, and all other small animals
  • Made from coconut shell, corn leaf and twisted paper.
  • Made with pet safe materials, dyes and glues
  • Supplied in one of two random pastel colours

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trixie natural living willow tunnel bunny rabbit toys

Trixie 62154 Natural Living Willow Bridge 65 40 cm

This is one of our favorite rabbit toys because we’ve seen a lot of great reviews and it just looks like a fun toy for your bunny or piggie.

It’s a lovely large tunnel that can be shaped to be flat on the top for rabbits to jump/sit on.

This will add diversity to many of your rabbit toys as it is not one to be tossed around, but instead provides different levels that your bunny can explore.

  • Natural bridge for rabbits
  • Made from real beech wood
  • High quality design
  • Real eye-catcher
  • A place to hide and to add decoration to your cage
  • Good value

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