Naturals Apple Orchard 75g


Deliciously tasty Rosewood Apple Orchard gives your rabbits and other small animals the best of all worlds with a scrumptious crunchy, leafy and fruity blend.

Each bag contains an irresistible mix of natural, gnawable apple wood sticks, tasty apple fruit and crisp and nutritious blackberry leaves. The different textures will keep your pets busy and help prevent boredom.

Not only does it taste amazing but it’s packed with fibre to help care for your little one’s digestion.


Blend of different textures

High in fibre

Suitable for all small animals

Additional Information

Composition: apple wood 50%, apple slices 30%, blackberry leaves and stems 20% (all dried ingredients)

Analysis: protein 3.8%, fat 1.8%, fibre 34.8%, crude ash 2.4%, sodium 0.01%

Weight 75g

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